la familia sahagun

la familia sahagun


getting ready for germany....

So I learned that 2 weeks after I arrive in a foreign country, Alex will be leaving us again... only for a month.. but still... grrrr!!! We get there, soon after our household goods arrive, and then Alex leaves! He'll be gone a month, home a week, gone 2 more weeks.. or something like that. So, it's going to be a mad rush to get in processed so I can access post, get my driver's license, get the gas rations cards etc etc! I suppose, though, I'll be busy unpacking and... (woohoo)... decorating our new house (that's where pinterest comes in!!!) I'm so excited to see our yard! All I keep thinking is PICNICS in the yard! Alex is going to come home to an outdoor dinner every night (while the weahter holds) It looks amazing in the pictures Alex has sent me. (Of course... I see the potential, so no, I won't share those pictures... I'll share pictures once I get there and I can give them a more creative angle!) =)

On to Lexi, our little darling! She truly is a GREAT kid! So sweet! So smart! So amazing! Here's a cute story from yesterday! So.. when she uses the potty I put $$ under her pillow. She won't even be done on the potty and she'll be saying "I get money under my pillow." It's a tradition that started while my Aunt Helen was here.
Well, I wanted to teach her just 'what' we do with that money - where the potty reward leads to. So I let her bring her money with her when we went out to the VA w/ my dad. She put it in the vending machine and got some m&m's and even a sprite (big treat day!!). It was so cute to see her put her money in and make her choices! And we put the change back in her pockets.
Well, on the way home I stopped off at the grocery store, and little miss smarty pants immediately recognized where we were, pulled the change out of her pocket and yelled "me have money! ride the horsies! 2 quarters mommy, 2 quarters!" Now she remembers this b/c every time we go there I say I don't have 2 quarters for the ride! HAHAHAH! So I really wanted to run in and grab what we needed for dinner and get home... but who could resist that?!?!?! She really is the best little thing ever!!!
Here are some pics we took in the front yard this morning. There were soooo many more cute ones! But I just wanted to quickly share a few =)

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