la familia sahagun

la familia sahagun


Sleeping beauty has got nothing on this cutie!!! =)

So I've decided to devote at least one day a week on our little family blog! I have lots of family who aren't on facebook and they get their updates this way and I've been neglecting them =( Although, they don't even know how to 'follow' the blog so I have to email them the link each time I post. (sheesh all this work! ). But there's a lot going on lately w/ moving overseas and we'll be EVEN further away from all my loved ones so I'm really going to need to put great effort into keeping us connected!!

We are currently (STILL) in NH. Well, Naomianna, the boys and I are. We are scheduled to leave for Germany Sept 19th!! Woo hoo! We haven't seen Alex since the end of May...and before that he was gone 3 mos to georgia, before that he was home only 6 mos and before that was the latest deployment that he was gone for a year for. So as you can tell we are anxious to be together as a family again! He got us a great house over there (a private rental) and God has really blessed us w/ renting out our house in WA. We immediately got renters and they signed a 2 year lease! What a relief! I will get some photos of the new house up soon!!

But today I wanted to share some wicked cute pics as I document the lil mamas sleeping on the couch this morning!! The pictures are in order as I took em. The sensor was loud enough to wake her a bit as I snapped pics (you can see she opened her eyes for a second). Then I walked away and came back a few times and here is what I found!! heehee. Just some straight out of the camera shots. The clouds are moving around a lot this morning so it kept getting brighter and darker and I had to keep up w/ the settings. But overall, nice lighting and a GREAT lil model! of course!! =)

(I apologize in advance for the music player being out of whack!! I'm working on it! I've figured out making the photos appear nicer thanks to learning how to work a photogrpahy blog.. but as you can see, w/ the music player, i've got more to learn about this blogging!!)