la familia sahagun

la familia sahagun


Baby's First Christmas

Little Naomianna is almost 6 months old now! She has already passed so many milestones and celebrated so many firsts in her short life it is amazing! :)

Physical milestones:

She is now a pro at rolling from her back to her tummy and has a few times rolled back over to her back. She is starting to crawl, though backwards, and awkward, but it's crawling nonetheless.

She usually pushes herself up into a pushup position, more like a little bridge, on her toes and hands, haha.

She loves standing! If you are in the sitting position and lay her along your chest with her feet on your legs, she will push backwards until she is in the standing position then look at you as if she made a huge accomplishment and smile!

Interactive milestones: She is always jabbering away, laughing all the time and tons of smiles. Recently when my mom was slapping her hand on the table in front of her, she started slapping her hand in response. TOO cute.

When we start laughing hysterically, Naomianna laughs too! Well she scrunches up her face, balls her fists and screeches, but it still a laugh, haha.

When you say certain words in a repetitive pattern she giggles. For example, when I say to my sister's dog 'Go get your ball angel, go get your ball' in an excited tone, and keep repeating it, Naomianna giggles. She giggled so much that now when we're in the car and she's fussing in her car seat in the back I can entertain her for a while by repeating 'Go get your ball Angel' over and over again.

Other things that make her giggle are when my sister repeats a silly workout routine that goes something similar to this in a sing song tune 'arms up, legs down, squeeze your cheeks, beep beep.'

And of course she still giggles at the dogs every time they start rough housing, but she's been doing that at least since I got here mid September.

She is just always so happy, always laughing and smiling and so motivated to move!

I swear she'll be walking any day now! And all the while I'm enjoying all this it's bittersweet b/c I want her to stay little forever! She is just so precious and amazing I couldn't have asked God for a greater gift. He really has blessed Alex and I with the happiest, sweetest little thing.

The day after Christmas I started her on solid foods. So far she has enjoyed sweet potatoes, squash, sweet carrots, bananas and sweet peas (lots of sweets there!!)

Right now we are just looking forward for daddy coming home from Iraq in February for 2 weeks so he can hold her and cherish her as much as I get to :)

Please keep us in your prayers as we'll be leaving next week to drive cross country from NH back out to WA.

The next time I'll be posting we will be back home in WA state :)


4 mos...

Lexi is advancing SO fast! She's is so much fun to be around. She's always laughing over the silliest things! I make a fake sneeze and she giggles away. She especially loves the dogs! As soon as I start playing with the dogs and they are making a rucus she starts giggling! It's the best sound in the world!
When someone talks behind her she does everything she can to twist her head as far back as possible to see who it is or where it's coming from.
She loves reaching for things. Even when she's laying in bed she runs her hand along the wall to make a squeaky noise.
She's only just over 4 mos now but wearing 6 month clothing, so she's a big girl :)
She's had her first emergency room visit when she rolled off the couch. She was fine, but I was a wreck! Also, she's had her first cold. It started the day of Halloween and lasted a week, just a stuffy/runny nose, but nothing too bad.
Speaking of Halloween, our lil pompkin dressed up as just that! She was adorable!
More and more now we have been putting little tastes of this or that on her tongue. She watches me like a hawk when I'm eating! So I usually put a tiny dab of yogurt or whip cream or something of the like on the tip of my finger and put it on her tongue. I put a salty chip on her lip to taste, and she closed her mouth and didn't re open it again! haha. Maybe she'll hate salty things like her mom :)
But she really does love putting things in her mouth. I think she's ready to start eating. I am trying to hold out 'til 6mos but lately she's been waking up every 3 hours to eat when previously she would sleep for 7-9 or more hours overnight. It may have just been a growth spurt because now she seems to be sleeping more again and earlier. She's in bed by 1030 at the latest, though tonight at 915. So we're getting closer and closer to having a schedule all the time.
Her daddy will be home in just 2 mos now for his 2 week RandR and we can't wait! He hasn't seen her since she was 4weeks old!
For now though, we are just enjoying getting on skype with him and seeing eachother on the web cam and I am constantly sending updates via my phone to his email. Wherever we are, I snap a picture or a short video and send it to his email so he is seeing what I see all day long.
Thank God for technology!


Happy 3 months!

I called this 'happy 3 months' b/c this is the happiest 3 months of Alex's and my life! Lexi is such a pleasure to have! She turns 3 months today, october 8. And she is growing so much!
She must weigh at least 14 lbs by now, but when  I say she's growing, I don't mean only in size.
She has been reaching for things for over a week now, it started when she reached out and grabbed the edge of my sweater when I was holding her last Saturday night. After that, she would work her way to try and reach for something you put in front of her. It was funny to watch, in a sweet way. You could just tell her little brain was working so hard to try and tell her hands where to go! She's still working on it but it's getting there!
She can't always reach for what she wants, but for the most part her hands go where she looks. Yesterday I bought her a toy, it's a big ring that has some rattles on it and a small stuffed animal and I think it really stimulates her. I ended up attaching it to the bar of her car seat and I can tell she's playing with it when I drive b/c of the rattles. Sometimes she gets her tiny hand around it and can't figure out how to let go, nor can she understand why she can't pull it into her mouth! haha. Other times she can't get her hand around it and she's just hitting it while reaching for it.
On other development, she is quite the talker!! She babbles so much for so long and gets so loud. It's hilarious! So much for tv time! you can't turn it loud enough to hear over her! So we all get some entertainment out of watching and listening to her and talking back. I think it's better than any tv show anyway!
She is easily turning her head and watching people and following them around the room. Her ability to see things further away is improving, it seems she can see me when I'm several feet from her.
Her smile is amazing and contagious! She smiles so big all the time. She is just so happy and sweet! I couldn't have asked for a better baby!
Every morning I send Alex a good morning picture and every night a good night daddy picture, and then several throughout the day. Other than that we are keeping in touch by phone right now until the internet gets better and we can get on the web cams again.
If we could just have him home, that would complete our lives and make them perfect :)


lexi is looking - all around :)

Lexi is becoming increasingly interested in her surroundings. When I lay her on her back she raises her feet and stares at them while she kicks them. She can be entertained for a a minute or two staring at the blinking/singing elephant grammy got her and is now more interested in her mobile above her crib.
She follows people around the room and when she sees Choco or Trooper she smiles (don't know why she likes them so much, especially on days when I want to drop them off at the pound!)
She loves people in her face, she loves kisses and cooing. She's quite the little talker! She smiles all the time and she LOVES when you smile, she'll just smile right back at you.
She is just such a happy baby girl! God really made it easy for me by sending me such an Angel to care for :)


lil lexi stuff :) <3

when we were going to bed friday night, i leaned over lexi and my hair fell over my shoulders. she took both hands, grabbed a handful of my hair with each and both hands, with my hair, got shoved into her mouth. It was SO cute! trying to fit two hands full of hair into her mouth! haha!
Yesterday on our walk, Lexi officially laughed. Not at any stimulus, just randomly. She did it a couple of times. It's so cute! It kind of sounds like a sob, when you're sucking air in. She's learning how to do it! :)
The other day when I was putting her in her car seat, she got mad and let out this little high pitched scream. It was the first of it's kind, it surprised her and me, we both looked at each other and I laughed and she smiled. She's such an awesome kid!
Last night she slept from 1230am-730am!!! First thing on her mind when she awoke was food! poor thing must have been starving! but what a great sleeper!!
However, sometime over the night, she gave herself a decent sized scratch down the whole left side of her cheek :(
She's going to have to go back to wearing her mittens to be! poor kiddo :(
Too cute too cute, I love her so much!!!


lexi is learning

Lexi is starting to figure out her feet! she lifts her legs and looks down at her feet moving around. it's so cute! i'm pretty sure she realizes they're attached to her, but now she's figuring out how to work them!
Also, she's started to drool, not lots, but definitely drooling! I'm watching for any signs of teeth.
She still won't take a pacifier, but she sure loves sticking her hands in her mouth!
she is learning little by little how to laugh. when i poke her clavical bone in a tickling way, she kind of chuckles, but it's an automatic response, and then she looks surprised afterwards and gets mad! but it's SO cute! and at bed time when i'm wiping her down with a warm wash cloth before putting on her pjs, she chuckles when i open her hand and wash between her fingers. it must tickle!! she's so cute when she chuckles with a smile on her face!
her smile warms my heart!! it lights up her whole face and therefore lights my world :)


Thank You God!

God has blessed Alex and I with the most precious miracle in the world, new life. We are so grateful to Him for trusting us to bring up this little angel, that we call Lexi :)
I pray we are great parents and I ask you all for your prayers as we take on this huge endeavor of raising a wonderful Christian and witness for the Lord!!


as of friday 9/11 naomianna 'lexi' weighs 13.5 lbs and measures 22.2 inches! she was 8lbs 9oz at birth and 19.5inches so she's grown quite a bit :)
Yesterday, 9/14 I moved her up into the size 2 diapers, b/c size 1 only goes to 14lbs. She currently wears her 0-3mos clothes. But when she got her vaccinations on friday, they tylenol dosing chart they gave us said 0-3mos and 6-11 lbs OR 4-11 mos and 12-17 lbs so obviously she is big, but the regular clothes still fit!