la familia sahagun

la familia sahagun


Naomianna's 2nd Birthday Celebration!

With all the social media sites and networking sites out there it's hard to keep up! I usually use my facebook page as a 'blog' about Naomianna and her growing up. Also, I like to write to her in a journal periodically. It's hard to stay on top of everything and keep it all updated. But 'blogging' seems fun so I'm going to start giving it a better effort!

Ok, for for Naomianna's 2nd Birthday I decided to brave Chuck E Cheese for the first time!! She was as adorable as could be in her little summer dress and matching hat and sandals! And she couldn't have had more fun!!!!

           Naomianna doin' a lil old fashioned cheating! (come on, we've all done it! hahahaha)

After enjoying the day at Chuck E Cheese with Tante Gretchy, Onkel Tom, Auntie Kristina, Cousins Krisotofer and Kayla and Friends Karen, Baldy, Zack and Hannah - we headed back to the Haken residence for dinner and cake!
There we enjoyed the rest of the evening with Aunt Helen, Oma and Opa, good friends Cheyenne and Destynee (and all the previous)

The cake I had ordered for the party was a disaster! I should have taken a picture of it before I refused to bring it home! (Let's just say someone decided to make it tye dye!) So the original theme was tossed and we went w/ pink at the last minute. You think Lexi cared? hahaha!
I turned around for LESS than a minute to slice some tomatoes and she had SILENTLY climbed onto the table, straddled the cake and was starting to enjoy it! Needless to say we had to change clothes once or twice! The first time b/c she jumped in her kiddie pool the second time...

well I think you can see why here. Thanks Aunt Helen for helping Lexi wear her cake! Luckily Naomianna has LOTS of pretty dresses, so she was set for the occasion!