la familia sahagun

la familia sahagun


it's been a while....

ok my last post was december? get organized rach!
Let's see In January Lexi, her opa and I hit the road in the good ol' honda and drove cross country enroute home. We went from NH diagonally all the way down to San Diego CA then up to coast to WA! We got here 2 weeks later!
On our trip we stopped and saw Pam in NJ, Hans in KS, Ludwig in CO, Adam in San diego, the Sahagun's in Fresno and Brian in San francisco.
Then Alex came home for 2 weeks RandR!
and I got situated back into home! no more suitcases (not that our hosts in NH weren't very gracious!)
Alex made it home the end of June just in time for Lexi's Bday!
Lexi turned 1 year July 08! We celebrated with her mexican side of the family down in California. It was awesome! her tia Jessica rented a park with a huge pool we had all to ourselves! there were bouncy houses and pinatas and a cake the size of the table!
The theme was Rainbow Brite (b/c she has a horse of course!) I'll post Lexi's bday photo soon!

In the meantime enjoy a few fun bath time photos!(taken the other day)

I love little piggies even wet ones!

Lexi points at the water in the tub and says 'agua?' I say 'yes' she then says 'ut uh' shaking her finger meaning don't drink that water then she sucks the water off her hand. hmm...  lil punk!
Splish Splash!


Hey good lookin'

you needs to grow some hair!
Lexi literally says 'hair' then pulls my hair and holds it on her head like a wig!

Can you blame her? I wanna kiss her too!