la familia sahagun

la familia sahagun


Baby's First Christmas

Little Naomianna is almost 6 months old now! She has already passed so many milestones and celebrated so many firsts in her short life it is amazing! :)

Physical milestones:

She is now a pro at rolling from her back to her tummy and has a few times rolled back over to her back. She is starting to crawl, though backwards, and awkward, but it's crawling nonetheless.

She usually pushes herself up into a pushup position, more like a little bridge, on her toes and hands, haha.

She loves standing! If you are in the sitting position and lay her along your chest with her feet on your legs, she will push backwards until she is in the standing position then look at you as if she made a huge accomplishment and smile!

Interactive milestones: She is always jabbering away, laughing all the time and tons of smiles. Recently when my mom was slapping her hand on the table in front of her, she started slapping her hand in response. TOO cute.

When we start laughing hysterically, Naomianna laughs too! Well she scrunches up her face, balls her fists and screeches, but it still a laugh, haha.

When you say certain words in a repetitive pattern she giggles. For example, when I say to my sister's dog 'Go get your ball angel, go get your ball' in an excited tone, and keep repeating it, Naomianna giggles. She giggled so much that now when we're in the car and she's fussing in her car seat in the back I can entertain her for a while by repeating 'Go get your ball Angel' over and over again.

Other things that make her giggle are when my sister repeats a silly workout routine that goes something similar to this in a sing song tune 'arms up, legs down, squeeze your cheeks, beep beep.'

And of course she still giggles at the dogs every time they start rough housing, but she's been doing that at least since I got here mid September.

She is just always so happy, always laughing and smiling and so motivated to move!

I swear she'll be walking any day now! And all the while I'm enjoying all this it's bittersweet b/c I want her to stay little forever! She is just so precious and amazing I couldn't have asked God for a greater gift. He really has blessed Alex and I with the happiest, sweetest little thing.

The day after Christmas I started her on solid foods. So far she has enjoyed sweet potatoes, squash, sweet carrots, bananas and sweet peas (lots of sweets there!!)

Right now we are just looking forward for daddy coming home from Iraq in February for 2 weeks so he can hold her and cherish her as much as I get to :)

Please keep us in your prayers as we'll be leaving next week to drive cross country from NH back out to WA.

The next time I'll be posting we will be back home in WA state :)