la familia sahagun

la familia sahagun


lexi is looking - all around :)

Lexi is becoming increasingly interested in her surroundings. When I lay her on her back she raises her feet and stares at them while she kicks them. She can be entertained for a a minute or two staring at the blinking/singing elephant grammy got her and is now more interested in her mobile above her crib.
She follows people around the room and when she sees Choco or Trooper she smiles (don't know why she likes them so much, especially on days when I want to drop them off at the pound!)
She loves people in her face, she loves kisses and cooing. She's quite the little talker! She smiles all the time and she LOVES when you smile, she'll just smile right back at you.
She is just such a happy baby girl! God really made it easy for me by sending me such an Angel to care for :)


lil lexi stuff :) <3

when we were going to bed friday night, i leaned over lexi and my hair fell over my shoulders. she took both hands, grabbed a handful of my hair with each and both hands, with my hair, got shoved into her mouth. It was SO cute! trying to fit two hands full of hair into her mouth! haha!
Yesterday on our walk, Lexi officially laughed. Not at any stimulus, just randomly. She did it a couple of times. It's so cute! It kind of sounds like a sob, when you're sucking air in. She's learning how to do it! :)
The other day when I was putting her in her car seat, she got mad and let out this little high pitched scream. It was the first of it's kind, it surprised her and me, we both looked at each other and I laughed and she smiled. She's such an awesome kid!
Last night she slept from 1230am-730am!!! First thing on her mind when she awoke was food! poor thing must have been starving! but what a great sleeper!!
However, sometime over the night, she gave herself a decent sized scratch down the whole left side of her cheek :(
She's going to have to go back to wearing her mittens to be! poor kiddo :(
Too cute too cute, I love her so much!!!


lexi is learning

Lexi is starting to figure out her feet! she lifts her legs and looks down at her feet moving around. it's so cute! i'm pretty sure she realizes they're attached to her, but now she's figuring out how to work them!
Also, she's started to drool, not lots, but definitely drooling! I'm watching for any signs of teeth.
She still won't take a pacifier, but she sure loves sticking her hands in her mouth!
she is learning little by little how to laugh. when i poke her clavical bone in a tickling way, she kind of chuckles, but it's an automatic response, and then she looks surprised afterwards and gets mad! but it's SO cute! and at bed time when i'm wiping her down with a warm wash cloth before putting on her pjs, she chuckles when i open her hand and wash between her fingers. it must tickle!! she's so cute when she chuckles with a smile on her face!
her smile warms my heart!! it lights up her whole face and therefore lights my world :)


Thank You God!

God has blessed Alex and I with the most precious miracle in the world, new life. We are so grateful to Him for trusting us to bring up this little angel, that we call Lexi :)
I pray we are great parents and I ask you all for your prayers as we take on this huge endeavor of raising a wonderful Christian and witness for the Lord!!


as of friday 9/11 naomianna 'lexi' weighs 13.5 lbs and measures 22.2 inches! she was 8lbs 9oz at birth and 19.5inches so she's grown quite a bit :)
Yesterday, 9/14 I moved her up into the size 2 diapers, b/c size 1 only goes to 14lbs. She currently wears her 0-3mos clothes. But when she got her vaccinations on friday, they tylenol dosing chart they gave us said 0-3mos and 6-11 lbs OR 4-11 mos and 12-17 lbs so obviously she is big, but the regular clothes still fit!